Social Media Marketing for DFW Small Businesses

Lucé Media announces the highly anticipated launch of the exclusive Lucé Media Academy.  Do you want to learn all about Social Media marketing for small businesses? Building blocks for social media marketing for small businessDo you want to better understand Social Media marketing for small business? Do you want to grow your business, increase revenue and profits, gain new customers, and see immediate results? Then THIS is exactly the answer for you and your business.

Designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex and beyond, the Luce Media Academy’s passion and guiding purpose is bringing your business significant growth not only with your current client base but with new customers resulting in new revenue.

The Luce Media Academy is a dynamic, hands-on course providing the tools, expertise and targeted action steps designed specifically for small businesses.

How? The Luce Media Academy offers you an exclusively designed blueprint, providing not only the foundation but also the building blocks and key, cutting-edge knowledge necessary for every business in today’s technology-driven landscape.

As a business owner, you will receive personal, hands-on training from expert instructors, quickly gaining understanding, guidance, and proficiency in social media and online marketing.

Simply put, the Lucé Media Academy, by design, helps you effectively market your company strategically through various Digital and Social Media tools. This should be your first step in Social Media marketing for small businesses.

Each business immediately gets the following benefits from Luce Media:

  • A custom, individualized written Social Media Marketing strategy from experts who have years of experience creating strategies from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.
  • At least 15 custom posts with graphics each month from our team of graphic designers to get your marketing efforts to pay off.
  • Our team will create and produce at least one Facebook LIVE event each month of the academy delivering your message out to hundreds of targeted customers.
  • A detailed, customized report each month on the progress and growth your business is making with your social media marketing efforts.

If you were to hire a social media agency to deliver the benefits we listed above you would be paying $1500 – $2000 a month.  By joining the Luce Media Academy, you will have the resources of a professional Digital and Social Media marketing company immediately working on your behalf at a fraction of the true costs.

But there is substantially more to the Lucé Media Academy.

The academy portion of this deluxe program is a premier training course equipping you and your team with the knowledge, tips, insider secrets, and skills necessary for you to create effective social media marketing campaigns on your own.

How The Luce Media Academy Grows Your Small Business

This 7-session academy covers the following key areas:

Overview and Basics – What is Social Media Marketing and how will it grow new clients, customers, and revenue? Why Social Media Marketing is critical in differentiating your company from the competition and positioning your business for growth.Social Media marketing for small business on Facebook

Facebook – A step-by-step system you need to effectively leverage the vast reach and power of Facebook.

  • Discover best practices for setting up and optimizing your profile and business page for the biggest impact…what type of content to post and when.

Social Media marketing for small business on InstagramInstagram – Our Instagram program teaches you how to leverage the power of Instagram in reaching a new audience on the fastest growing social media platform Learn the fundamentals of how Instagram works

  • Techniques and best practices that businesses need to use to become most effective
  • Discover the hottest tricks for Instagram stories and highlights – why you need them, what they mean and how it can instantly bring you more sales, clients, and growth
  • Learn how to measure the results of your efforts
  • Setting up and growing your social presence on Instagram by keeping you relevant and in front of your current clients but expanding your growth and attracting a new audience and converting into clients and sales.

All Other Social Platforms – LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+.  Expand your reach. Establish and boost your authority. Improve your PR. Build relationships.

  • Discover the magic and power of LinkedIn. Leverage LinkedIn’s own traffic, user demographics, and overall status to your benefit. Using LinkedIn’s messaging, in-mails and how to grow the number of your connections.
  • Make Twitter work overtime for you and your business, effectively leverage the vast reach and power of Google+.

Video Marketing — provides an in-depth tutorial on how to create and implement a full-scale video promotion strategy on any budget.

  • Learn how to leverage essential video marketing techniques and tools to generate real results…
  • Learn how to use simple cameras and techniques for the ultimate impact…
  • Why video works online, recording video with iPhones and iPads and other mobile devices, getting maximum distribution for your video

Email Marketing – we will you exactly how to make email marketing work for you, start to finish.Social Media marketing for small business through email marketing

  • Find out how to write powerful emails that drive traffic, get action, and increase your ROI…
  • how to quickly optimize your campaigns for bigger and better results with each mailing…
  • Discover why building a list is one of the most important marketing steps you can take…

Content Marketing – Blogging – you will learn the fundamentals of what content marketing consists of and why it is so powerful.

  • What role does blogging play in your business
  • Learn how to get your blog up and running online
  • What blogging platforms are available, publishing frequency and the right mix of content designed to captivate readers, understanding the importance of links.

Social Media Metrics and Analytics – How your Social Media marketing is impacting your bottom line. You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

  • We will guide you through the world of social media metrics and provide you with the knowledge needed to analyze what the results mean and how to use them to make your marketing efforts even more successful.
  • Managing insights on Facebook and Instagram to have a greater impact.
  • Better understand how your followers and consumers think and which strategies are most effective.

Each academy begins when a minimum of six businesses sign up to take part. If you know other business owners who would benefit, invite them to join.  At the same time, as inquiries come into Luce Media we will let you know as soon as the next six businesses are ready to begin their academy.

The Luce Media Academy will meet once a month on a day the group agrees to.  We will provide lunch at a location that is most convenient to the group.

Jump Start Your Small Business Now

Again, here is all that you get:

  • Custom, written Digital Strategic Action Plan for your businessSocial Media marketing for small business
  • At least 15 professional designed posts per month from our graphic designers
  • One professionally produced Facebook LIVE session each month
  • Monthly reports on the progress of your Social Media marketing efforts
  • Plus 7 Academy sessions to learn how to execute Social Media marketing on your own.

Sign up today. Take your business to the next level. Luce Media Academy is a proven course when it comes to social media marketing for small business. This small investment will produce BIG results for your company.  Special INTRODUCTORY and reduced rate available now for only $500.00.

Our first Luce Media Academy already has several businesses signed up.  Reserve your place now. If interested please send us your information below.


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