Using video content marketing

Establishing Trust Using Video Content Marketing Services In Frisco

If you haven’t explored video content marketing, you should consider adding it to your strategy for 2021. There are countless advantages to using video, including establishing trust with your customers. Build a trustworthy brand by using video content marketing services in Frisco this year, and we’ll show you just how beneficial the strategy can be.

Telling Your Brand Story

Reading text can be time-consuming, and images only convey half the message. When it comes to telling your brand’s unique story, video content marketing services in Frisco, TX, are the best way to build trust. You can show your passion and integrity with a video conversation. And explaining just how your company solves customer problems is far more convincing than a snippet of text or stationary image. No one knows your company’s brand story better than you, and video content is the way to share your story.

Video Offers an Authentic & Transparent Look into Your Business

Video content marketing in Frisco offers an excellent way for customers to peer into your business. There is an opportunity for authentic transparency with video marketing. Show behind-the-scenes tours of your company. Share employee stories and company good deeds. Show off your company culture and highlight your team’s dedication to service in a video marketing campaign. And in today’s economic environment, any charitable works and donations can make for great video stories. This kind of authentic content sharing can build trust with your audience and customer base at a local level and beyond.

Put a Face to Your Company’s Expertise

Your company logo may represent your company image. But people buy from people they trust. And there’s no better way to put a trustworthy face to your industry knowledge than with video content marketing. When customer’s see and believe a person is trustworthy, they are more likely to associate trust with its brand. Video content marketing in Frisco can undoubtedly help you do that.

Testimonials Inspire Customer Conversions

Before customers buy, they often look to the experiences of others to help in their decision-making. Consumers browse product and service reviews, and you know the value of online review management for just this reason. But when it comes to video content marketing, you can tap into customer testimonials to create powerful conversion messages from actual customers. New browsers may not bother to look for reviews after watching a few testimonial videos of positive experiences.

Product & Service Videos Sell Better than Images Alone

If your Frisco business sells a specific product or service (and almost all of them do), a video content marketing campaign can help you sell in motion. Demonstrate how your product works or what your service entails. In a way, you’re able to create your commercial, highlighting the use and benefits of what you offer. No static image or text ad can have the impact a video can.

Video Content Marketing Improves Social Media Engagement

Videos can help keep your customers engaged longer in a variety of mediums, mainly social media channels. Some data suggests nearly 48% of individuals say they’re more likely to share a video than any other type of social content. Creating a video content marketing campaign can help drive exponential, trust-building results among consumers within their social ecosystems.

If you’re ready to leverage the countless benefits of video, you’re prepared for a partner who specializes in video content marketing in Frisco. Contact us today to develop a strategy and carve out your goals for a video campaign. You’ll likely be amazed at not only how well video can drive business but just how great it is for building and establishing trust with your audience.

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SEM Services

Using SEM Services in McKinney, TX to Boost Brand Awareness

Imagine having a marketing tool that allows you to find customers ready to buy right now. You can then use this tool to create a specific message to those potential customers to get them to make their purchasing decision in your favor. Well, this tool exists. And if you’re not using Search Engine Marketing or SEM Services in McKinney, TX, to convert customers, you could be missing out on real-time revenue. But SEM is also an excellent tool for boosting brand awareness and advertising side effects you can’t afford to miss out on either.

Each customer’s journey is complex and different. And the black hole of options on the web can be daunting to navigate without distractions. Harvard Business Review reported that 73% of consumers say they use more than one channel when shopping for a new product or service. Finding and targeting these browsers to funnel them to your McKinney business is possible with SEM. Meaning, a strong SEM strategy can help you sell to buyers right now but also build awareness for future customers down the road. Today, we’ll show you how.

Increasing Brand Visibility

Search Engine Marketing increases your McKinney brand’s awareness, as well as the brand equity of your specific offerings. Website traffic will see an increase as your brand becomes more visible to immediate online shoppers. Imagine it’s a way to use a bullhorn to direct targeted leads to your sales funnel right now. It makes your brand visible to those who need what you sell.

A Smarter Way to Invest in ROI

If you sell vacuums, SEM provides a way for you to find people who are actively looking for a new vacuum to buy. It’s like sorting through all the people on the internet and engaging with those who are potentially active buyers in the buyer’s cycle. Sure, everyone may need a vacuum at some point. But you can connect with immediate revenue potential directly with an SEM strategy. And with the paid nature of an SEM campaign, you’ll also have analytics to track results and make changes for better ROI on the fly.

Brand Awareness in Your McKinney, TX Back Yard

Using SEM services in McKinney, TX, can promote direct brand awareness among consumers in your backyard. SEM is a paid advertisement structure that enables relevant search engine results. Meaning, your paid ads won’t just show up anywhere or compete with the global conglomerates of bottomless ad budgets. Instead, your ad will appear to those already considering your service or product and those who live near your company. The increased brand awareness is a welcomed by-product of the paid campaign, as local awareness is also generated.

Real-Time Results & Brand Awareness

Relying on traditional SEO and non-paid efforts to improve ranking and brand awareness can take time. In fact, Google suggests it might take up to a year before a top-notch website even begins to dip its digital toe in the higher-level rankings. SEM, however, can help boost your brand awareness for real-time results. Even newer or freshly launched websites can gain immediate traction with the help of a paid SEM campaign. SEM could be the digital boost your brand needs right now unless you have the year or two to wait out your scale and rank.

Even if you’re convinced that an SEM strategy is what your brand and business need right now, you might still have questions. If you’re unsure about how to get started or what kind of budget your business should allocate to a good SEM campaign, contact Luce Media! When it comes to using SEM services in McKinney, TX, for best results, you need a digital-savvy partner to help you harness all the benefits of SEM to drive results now and increase your brand’s awareness ongoing.

Digital Marketing

Why Every McKinney, TX, Business Needs a Digital Marketing Strategy

There are literally thousands of tips and best practices out there with suggestions about digital marketing. It makes it hard for any McKinney, TX business to cut through the noise and find marketing advice that really works. To help your business find a digital marketing path to success, it’s best to start by developing a strong marketing strategy. And today, we’ll tell you why your success depends on that strategy, along with how to build one that works for you.

A Marketing Strategy Starts with Goals

Instead of throwing ad budgets randomly at social media or Google ads and likely wasting money on mediocre results, a good strategy starts with goals. Your McKinney, TX business will have goals unique to what you sell and offer. Your marketing strategy can be built around those goals to ensure that every digital advertising dollar spent is in line with your results expectations.

Any Digital Marketing Strategy Will Provide Direction

Do you feel directionless when it comes to digital marketing? Sitting down to create an actual strategy and road map to reaching your goals will help provide direction with where, when, and how you implement new digital campaigns. Take the guesswork out of deciding whether Facebook, Tik Tok, Google Ads, PPC, or SEO gets the budget.

McKinney, TX, Business Owners Need to Authentically Engage Their Audiences

Having a strong digital marketing strategy will allow you to better understand your target audience. Those personas will help you customize your digital advertising in a way that speaks to them, wherever they are in the buying process. Before spending a dime on an ad campaign, make sure your message is designed to move your buyers through the funnel and towards a conversion. This authentic engagement is critical in driving direct purchases as well as brand recognition over time.

Integration Over Duplication

Digital marketing is ever-evolving, and what may work today might be obsolete tomorrow. Having a healthy marketing strategy for your McKinney, TX business will allow you to customize your ongoing efforts. Avoid duplicating the same plan with the same message all the time. Instead, your marketing strategy should include measures to integrate across a variety of venues to see real results. Reach your target audience in various ways with relevant content and offerings. Don’t let your digital get stale.

Drive Your Value Proposition in a Realistic Timeline

You know your company has a great product or service to offer. The challenge is getting your company’s confidence through to your digital audience in a way that provides value. Your business needs a marketing strategy to help you stay on top of what you promote and ensure it offers a value proposition to your potential customers online. A strategy can outline peak seasons throughout the year for certain products or services, for example. Tax professionals will want robust digital campaigns before tax season. Pool companies will want to promote sales in the spring and summer months.

Outpace Your Competition

Your McKinney, TX business is likely always looking to outpace the competition. Developing a digital marketing strategy can help be the roadmap to staying ahead. Keep an eye on your competitors in terms of how they leverage social media and where they rank in Google searches. You can devise a marketing plan that allows you to budget and launch campaigns that position your business ahead of the others. You can gain market share, as well, and keep your position as new contenders enter the market.

You wouldn’t invest in building a new house without first having a design and budget. You would want to make sure your new house has enough bedrooms for everyone. You might insist on certain amenities to make sure this home fits your family’s needs in every way. Take the same approach with your digital marketing strategy. And if you need a hand with creating and integrating a digital marketing plan that works, let Luce Media help! We can be the digital marketing architects that your strategy, and McKinney, TX business needs to get ahead online.

Landing Page Benefits

5 Benefits of Landing Pages for Your Plano, TX Marketing

It used to be that a website served as a one-dimensional platform for funneling potential customers. But companies realize there are a host of benefits to developing cascading digital funnels off of the website to attract and manage online leads. Landing pages are a great way to see serious ROI results in doing just that. And today, we’ll highlight five benefits to incorporating landing page strategies into your Plano, TX marketing plans.

1. Simple Messaging for Results

If your website is the place to lay out everything, there is to know about your Plano, TX business, including what you offer, who you employ, and industry news; consider landing pages as your method for simple messaging for results. Create a stand-alone landing page to market exclusively for an upcoming sale or to offer a seasonal coupon. Market that landing page and use it to attract customers with one simple message. You can advertise to niche audiences with each landing page and use pinpoint precision to solve one unique customer problem at a time.

2. Landing Pages Can Be Analyzed

Create a landing page as part of your Plano, TX, marketing, and then track the results with analytics. See just how many click-throughs your campaign inspired. Sampling different promotions with each page can also help you find which messages work the best for lead generating. It can keep you from overspending on non-performing campaigns, as well.

3. Separate the Qualified Leads from the Cold Leads

Sometimes, your Plano, TX marketing strategy feels like your blasting messages into space, just hoping to shake loose a lead or two. Landing pages can help you separate the qualified leads from the tire-kickers. On one dedicated landing page, for example, you can have a specific call to action that funnels only those interested in the next step can take. And making smart use of these landing pages across a variety of CTAs can keep your qualified lead pools overflowing.

4. Perfect for Launching New Products

Landing pages are perfect mechanisms for promoting new products or services. If you’re introducing something new, dedicate a landing page that builds enthusiasm, offers a tutorial video, and speaks directly to those who will benefit from it. Embedding your new product in a general menu section of your website won’t generate the front-and-center results you want. Instead, consider the landing page as this new product or service’s own dedicated site. You can market this landing page alone across all of your digital channels for maximum exposure and ROI.

5. Target Marketing at Its Finest

Let’s imagine you own a cleaning service. You have two distinct audiences – residential homeowners and office administrators. In this scenario, you could create a landing page for each audience specifically, addressing the different needs of each decision-maker. A residential homeowner might need help with spring cleaning. The office administrator might need to find a professional cleaning service that can save the company money. Each landing page can generate direct results with targeted precision.

What core services or products do you offer that provide different results to different audiences? Maybe your Plano, TX marketing strategy targets women, but you also have something to offer men. Perhaps your company is offering something entirely new within your industry. A landing page would be the perfect addition to your plan. And those businesses with seasonal offerings can change landing page campaigns every season, offering specific CTAs for each, too.

If you’re not yet using landing pages as part of your Plano, TX marketing efforts, you have a tool in your arsenal with unrealized potential. Contact Luce Media today and let us help you devise a plan to incorporate innovative landing page strategies! Landing pages may be the most effective marketing tool you haven’t tapped into yet.


5 Things Your Google Analytics Can Tell You About Your Allen, TX Marketing

As an Allen, TX business owner, you have probably already heard about the many benefits of leveraging Google Analytics as part of your marketing strategy. It’s the dashboard of data many businesses can’t live without as they look for ways to drive more traffic to their websites. But because you’re an expert in your business, and maybe not so much an expert in digital marketing, there could be Google Analytics details you’re overlooking. And anyone not entirely familiar with collecting and analyzing the metrics may struggle at first to understand what the analytics are suggesting. Today, we’ll take the reins and break it down for you. Here are five things your Google Analytics can tell you about your marketing efforts.

Know Your Audience Inside and Out

One of the key details you should look for in your Google Analytics involves your active audience. These are the characteristics of the people who are actually engaging your site. If these individuals are your target audience, you’re on the right track. But if the people interacting aren’t your core buyers, you know you have some adjustments to make. Explore what the “Audience” section tells you about your site visitors’ ages, interests, and locations.

Explore How Site Visitors Find Your Website

Looking at your Allen, TX Google Analytics data will allow you to learn how your audience finds your business online. Acquisition metrics, found in the “Channels” section under “All Traffic,” will help you see where your audience engaged. Learn if email campaigns work better than digital ads or see if your Facebook presence is performing better than your Instagram posts. Knowing will help you tweak your existing marketing efforts to focus on what works and fix what doesn’t work.

Understanding Metrics and Dimensions

Google Analytics separates collected details into dimensions and metrics. Think of the dimensions as the categories, like locations of the browsing individuals or which online browsers are being used. The metrics usually capture more quantitative data, like the number of pages a person visits during each session. It’s important to know, as you navigate the info, that some dimensions and metrics can be combined while others cannot. But both data collections can be invaluable to you as you decide where to spend your ad dollars and time.

Discovering Customer Behaviors

Behaviors may be one of the biggest pieces of the Google Analytics puzzle, especially if you’re interested in improving your buyer personas. This section of your dashboard will help you understand what potential customers do on your website, including which pages they visit first and last. You can also find out how long each individual stays on each page, telling you whether or not they’re interested in the content there.

Site Conversions and Ad Budget ROI

You can also see valuable information about the actions visitors take when they visit your Allen, TX business website. See what they actually do and then rework your marketing strategy to encourage them to do what you want them to do. Find out where non-conversion visitors leave your site and maybe implement better funnels to keep them engaged and clicking further along. Of course, conversion data will also help you calculate the ROI of your marketing budgets. How much you’re spending versus how many conversions you secure will break down the viability of your various campaigns.

Google Analytics is a valuable website marketing tool for any Allen, TX business. But the overwhelming compilation of data can sometimes be intimidating. Look for these key metrics points to help evaluate your website’s engagement, user experience, and more. And of course, if you need help deciphering your analytics or are ready to partner with an expert who can help put that data to actionable use, contact us!

Marketing Personas, Improve Digital Marketing Results

How Frisco, TX Marketing Personas Can Improve Your Digital Marketing Results

There are real benefits to using marketing personas as part of your Frisco, TX digital marketing efforts.

Eight Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing in Plano TX

Eight Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing in Plano TX

An effective social media campaign is exactly what your business needs to grow. Social media marketing is a fantastic marketing tool. It improves branding, earns you quality leads, and increases your sales. If not well planned, it can turn into a wastage of valuable resources like time and money. Of course, you can hire professionals for paid social media advertising in Plano, TX. Nonetheless, below are eight tips for effective social media marketing.

1 – Know your goals 

You must always start by setting clear goals for your campaign. Your goal should be highly specific and define what you’re trying to gain from this campaign. Also, the goals you have for your campaign should be measurable. And your social media marketing goal should be relevant to your overall marketing goal. It can be building more audience or increasing traffic to your website, etc.

2 – Identify your ideal audience 

It helps when you get as specific as possible when it comes to recognizing your audience. For instance, if you identify your potential customers as parents, it is acceptable. But if you figure out that your ideal customers are parents living in the U.S. who earn about $75,000. And they belong to age groups from 35-50, primarily use Facebook, and have no interest in outdoor activities. Such targeting increases your chances of success.

3 – Choose the right platform 

You don’t have to run campaigns on all the social media platforms out there. First, you should consider factors like who needs your product or service. If you want to sell directly to consumers, Facebook can be your best pick. If you want to target younger audiences, then you may choose Instagram and Snapchat for advertising. In case you want to market to other businesses, LinkedIn can do it for you.

4 – Consistent delivery of content 

A successful social media campaign becomes possible with constantly nurtured content. Whether it is blogs or images, you always have to keep the target customers in mind. It helps when you post industry-relevant information in the form of articles. It can help you fill your social media calendar and also boost your chances of success.

5 – Win and work with influencers

You should know that more than half of the consumers rely on influencers’ reviews for making a purchase. Since people have credibility in influencers, a recommendation about a product/service indeed makes a difference. You should reach out to influencers and build a relationship with them. Also, prepare yourself to answer ‘what’s in it for me?’ questions. While you get more traffic towards your business, you should also see how you bring value to influencers.

6 – Expand your audience 

The more people see your message, the more leads you are likely to get. Your aim should be to increase social media followers who seem relevant to your product or service. The first thing you should ensure that your current customers follow you on social media. Contests are undoubtedly great ways to increase your following. You may also opt for paid ads to increase followers. 

7 – Keep the audience engaged 

If you want your social media campaign to be successful, you must engage your audience. Responding personally to new followers, answering queries, and interacting with other posts goes a long way to build trust. You have to provide some CTA (call-to-action) with every post. It can be a link to your blog, website, or online store, etc. Creating valuable hashtags helps the audience to discover you easily.

8 – Track your results, analyze and optimize 

The best social media marketers rely on the trial and error method. It’s essential to track your results. Further, you should analyze the data and make the necessary changes to optimize your marketing campaign. It would help if you let the data lead you. Effective social media marketing is a continuous work in progress with timely tweaks as needed.

Parting thoughts

Those were the eight tips for effective social media marketing. The first thing you should do is recognize your goals and your audience as well. You can team up with influencers and use various ways to engage your audience. And yes, you must consistently deliver compelling content for your audience. You can also consider hiring a professional social media marketing agency in Plano, TX.

Seven significant reasons to hire a website design and development company in Plano, TX

Seven Significant Reasons to Hire a Website Design and Development Company in Plano, TX

What’s the most effective step you can take towards the success of your business? Well, having a professional website for your business is indeed key. Today, when websites have become common, it takes serious efforts to create a website that stands out. There are many drag-and-drop website creation tools online. But, nothing can match the quality of a site made by an experienced website designer. That’s why; you might want to consider hiring a website development company in Plano, TX.

The following are the seven significant reasons you should hire a professional web development company.

1 – Gives you a high-quality website 

A professional web development company provided you with a high-quality website. Yes, there are many website design tools out there. But they can’t help you build a reliable and unique website. A website has several elements like images, headers, plug-ins, and codes, etc. An experienced web designer has the necessary skills, and he can create a stellar website for your business. Remember that website design includes both how it looks and how it works. And a professional design fulfills both aspects.

2 – Saves your valuable time 

As a business owner, there must be countless things you need to monitor and manage each day. Creating a professional website will require you to learn to code. You will need to spend extra hours and effort to build a website. And it may not be as much reliable. Every second you work on website designing could get used to working on other valuable aspects of your business. By hiring a professional web designer, you can get an excellent website quickly, which is more value for money.

3 – Creates a positive first impression 

When your potential customer visits your website, they instantly form an opinion about your website. Whether the customers want to stay or leave your website relies majorly on your website’s design. You should know that people make snappy judgments when it comes to websites. So you might offer the best product or service, but if your website is lousy, then the user might leave the site in seconds. But, professional web designers create an impressive website that engages the visitors.

4 – You get a responsive web design 

More than half of the people online use mobile phones to access the internet. It means a majority of your potential customers are likely to visit your website from mobile devices. If you plan to get a different site for each device like computers, smartphones, etc., you will spend a lot. Instead, you should hire a web development company as they will get you a responsive website. It means your website will run smoothly across all devices, be it tablets, mobile phones, PCs, or laptops.

5 – Search engine optimized website 

Seven significant reasons to hire a website design and development company in Plano, TXYou might have the best products or services on your website. But if your website doesn’t appear in search results, you will have no sales. That’s why it’s essential to optimize your website for search engines. When you hire a professional web designer, they will ensure that your site shows in search results. A professional web designing company will optimize all the pages on your website to improve its online visibility.

6 – Competitive advantage 

When you hire a professional web designer versus DIY your website, you earn a significant competitive advantage. Many small business owners tend to DIY their site to save money. But the lack of experience in website designing delivers an inferior website. When you have a professionally created website, it will rank on top for the related user queries. It can help you stay ahead of all your competitors.

 7 – Faster loading website 

As much as the appearance of your website matters, the speed of your website is critical too. If your website takes too long to load, users are likely to close the tab and visit the competitor’s website. A professional web designer uses integrated features and plug-ins to provide maximum speed and security to your site. Such a site can help you get more traffic than ever.

To finish off

Those were the seven significant reasons to hire professionals for your website design in Plano, TX. It saves you valuable time and provides you with a flawless website. Most of all, web developers optimize your website for search engines. By hiring a web development company, you can get a high-quality website that drives excellent results.

How To Improve PPC Advertising in McKinney

How To Improve PPC Advertising in McKinney

Not all Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns are created equal. And not every paid effort will produce results. So, when you’re carving out your PPC strategy to promote your McKinney, TX, company, you will want to devise a plan to address your keywords, landing pages, and advertising goals for the ad campaign. Investing in a PPC advertising campaign without a plan and focus just won’t offer the same ROI and success. To help you develop your best strategy, here are six goals to set upfront that will improve the success of your PPC advertising.

Choosing Your PPC Keywords

The pillar of any successful PPC campaign is the choice and strength of keywords. When you choose yours, you’ll want to take your time and be precise. The keywords you promote will ultimately decide how many clicks and conversions your McKinney, TX, business gets. Start with the landing page your PPC ad will direct visitors to and look for dominant keywords there. Brainstorm with your teams for keyword ideas and scope out your competitors’ ads, too.

Optimizing Keyword Quality (Score)

Pay Per Click campaigns are driven by high-quality keywords and can be evaluated with a Google rating called the Keyword Quality Score. Since the algorithms continuously change, it’s a good idea to verify the user experience score of your chosen keywords. The scale is one to ten, and the rating is available in your keywords report. A strong keyword you used in advertising two months ago might not have a high score again right now. Use this quality tool to make sure your promotion keywords are still the best for your PPC campaign.

Create the List of Negative Keywords to Avoid

To improve the success of your PPC campaign, consider creating a negative keyword list. This step is often one of the most overlooked when advertising in McKinney, TX. And it’s possibly one of the most important steps since it allows you to exclude your ads from similar but unrelated topic searches.

Leverage Ad Extensions

Ad extensions can be huge conversion tools for your PPC advertising efforts. An ad extension will usually include additional links from your website or maybe your McKinney, TX, telephone number. And some extensions are entirely automated, meaning AdWords will add your designated extensions automatically. These are great PPC tools to lead those browsers to action directly.

Write Incredibly Engaging Ad Copy

You can have the best keywords and structure your PPC campaign with total precision and still have marginal results. It’s critical that your PPC advertising is incredibly engaging. Writing your copy might be challenging. But if you’re able to uniquely solve the customer’s problem, speak to the benefits of what you offer, and use descriptive terms that inspire emotions, you’ll likely see great results.

Make Sure Your Ads Are Mobile-Friendly

Since most consumers are scrolling for products and services with their mobile devices, you’ll definitely want to make sure your PPC advertising is mobile-friendly. Some of the most common suggestions to improve your ad’s mobile friendliness include starting with short tail keywords and concise ad copy. Getting too lengthy will take longer for a viewer to consume and will be overlooked. Make sure your landing pages are mobile-friendly, too. Some also suggest that the best time to run those mobile PPC ad campaigns is to reach the broadest audience during regular McKinney, TX business hours.

Pay Per Click campaigns can be game-changers for McKinney businesses looking to drive traffic and conversions to their sites. If you’re still not getting the ad results you need or just need help putting together your first PPC campaign, contact us! We can take the guesswork out of keyword selection, compelling copy, and performance analytics. And in the end, if you really just need the PPC campaign to work, we can see to it that you get results.

Video content marketing agency

5 Reasons Your Brand Needs A Video Content Marketing Agency

In today’s digital-everything landscape, your brand doesn’t just need video content. Your business needs a video content marketing agency partner. And we’re not just saying that because that’s what we do. You take every other aspect of your business seriously and know when it’s time to outsource to the professionals for the best results. And video content might seem like an easy prospect, especially considering the capabilities of today’s beginner-friendly devices and editing software. But video marketing is so much more complex than just hitting record. And no one understands those layers of intricacies better than a video content marketing agency.

Because Your Brand Needs Consistency

It might seem feasible to take on video creation and marketing. But one of the primary pillars of video content marketing success is consistency. It’s not uncommon for brand managers and business owners to have really great initial ideas about video content. But soon, the schedule gets hectic, and the ideas run short. Next thing you know, you’ve missed a few weeks of posting, and your audience has since moved on to more engaging content. Instead of falling into this cycle of wasted time, you could hire a video content marketing agency to design a consistent production schedule. Your videos will be relevant ongoing and will maintain the level of consistency that video campaigns need for success.

Because Your Business Needs Sales & Conversions

It would help if you had a video content marketing agency because you’re not in the business of shooting videos. You need sales, and your marketing needs to translate to conversions. Shooting your own short video messages isn’t going to bring in more business if you don’t understand the dynamics behind what makes video work. An agency is specialized in creating videos that engage and inspire. And the professionals know precisely how to use video messaging to move an audience through the sales funnel.

Because Your Videos Need to Build Trust

Video content marketing isn’t just about discussing your product or service. It goes beyond showcasing your business’s unique offerings. Those who watch videos certainly need to be educated, entertained, or enlightened in some way. But how you go about creating content that genuinely engages can determine whether or not your video-viewing audience trusts you. Hiring a video content marketing agency for your brand can ensure your brand voice and tone are trustworthy. And marketing agency professionals can help you cater your message to improve the customer’s journey authentically and reliably.

Because A Video Campaign Should Have Real Results

The best part about working with professionals to manage your video content is having someone put real numbers to the results. Track views, conversions, and engagement to ensure your marketing budget is tracking real-time ROI. And if one strategy isn’t working, you’ll know almost immediately. Making adjustments to improve your brand campaign as you go can translate to ongoing success and results.

Because You Don’t Have to Do It Yourself

You’re busy running your company, calling clients, and managing teams. Making a few videos with your smartphone might not seem like a major undertaking. But in the end, your expertise more than likely lies within your business offering and not video content marketing. And you probably don’t have the extra time to dedicate to developing, scheduling, and tracking a proper video content campaign. Knowing you can partner with a video content marketing agency means you don’t have to go it alone.

When you’re ready to create a video content campaign for your brand and company, you’ll want a professional partner to help guide your efforts. Consider partnering with a video content marketing agency like ours. Our expert content strategists can help you launch and manage a video content strategy that works for your brand and, ultimately, your bottom line.