Using A Social Media Marketing Agency In McKinney, TX To Stay Competitive

While you could try doing it alone, using a social media marketing agency in McKinney, TX is the best way to stay competitive on social media.

Millions of brands use social media daily to reach their audiences. Most posts never reach users’ feeds. This means you need a way to stand out.

The right agency takes away the guesswork and uses years of expertise to craft the right custom strategy for you. Social media isn’t one size fits all and a McKinney, TX agency knows that.

Mastering Social Media Ads

Organic social media reach is difficult. Social media algorithms put engagement first, meaning even if a user is following your brand, they will rarely see your posts. Unless they engage with your brand often, they’ll see friends and family far more often. If you need engagement to get your posts seen, how are you supposed to get engagement to start with? The answer is ads.

Hootsuite gathered a variety of Facebook statistics. A few eye-openers concerning ads include:

  • Facebook users click on an average of 11 ads each month
  • Ad impressions have increased by 33%
  • Facebook ad prices have decreased

Another stat that stands out is organic reach for posts is just 5.5%. This means you need engaging ads to increase your brand’s visibility and stay more competitive. A social media marketing agency in McKinney, TX helps you target the right audience and create the right types of ads for your goals.

Study The Competition

Far too often, brands try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to social media. However, you could just check out the competition or even just other highly successful brands. While every successful brand has their own unique strategy that works for them, you can eliminate time-consuming and costly trial and error by picking up some tips from the competition.

An agency helps you analyze your competitors in-depth. That’s how you quickly grow your presence on social media. Instead of starting from scratch, you’re able to develop a much better strategy for your target audience.

Develop Amazing Visuals

Using A Social Media Marketing Agency In McKinney TX To Stay Competitive-2

Visual content isn’t just pretty, it’s a requirement. People prefer it. It grabs their attention. Of course, competitive brands know this. That’s why it’s vital to focus on creating the most engaging and useful visuals possible. Go beyond the same basic stock images people have seen a hundred times. Create something unique. Let the visuals represent your brand’s voice and colors.

Poll Everywhere called 2019 the year of visual content, along with statistics to back that claim up. Adding the right visual increases a person’s desire to check out the content by 80%. Of course, if that visual is a video, you could potentially increase the chance of the viewer buying it by up to 85%. And, going back to engagement, social media posts with images see a 180% increase in engagement.

Create Something Worth Sharing

The most successful and competitive brands on social media are those who create content people can’t help but share. The content is useful, engaging and entertaining. There’s a reason why content marketing is such an important strategy.

A social media marketing agency in McKinney, TX helps you to understand your customers through detailed insights. Once you know your audience, you’ll understand the type of content that’s most useful to them. You can also check out what types of content your competitors are posting that get the most engagement.

Create infographics, images, videos and more. These can lead back to useful blog posts on your website. The best part is when people find a post that really grabs their attention, they share it. When your audience starts sharing your posts, you reach far more people with less effort.

Be Authentic

In order to stay competitive, you can’t just copy what everyone else is doing. You can learn and get inspiration, but you have to be authentic. Audiences are bombarded with so many posts, ads and brands everyday that they can easily spot a cookie-cutter campaign or copycat. Users crave authenticity. They want a brand they can trust and count on.

No matter what you’re doing on social media, establish a clear brand voice and personality. This creates brand recognition and awareness. It also resonates with your audience better.

A social media marketing agency in McKinney, TX takes the time to help you find your voice. They also aid in every aspect of creating a social media strategy that works specifically for your brand.

social media holiday checklist

Social Media Marketing Tips for the Holidays

Social media is the perfect place to promote your business during the holidays. People are looking on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter for gift ideas and great deals. With the right social media marketing strategy, you can boost holiday sales, engage with potential customers and spread holiday cheer.

The holiday season is generally considered to run from late November through the New Year. Unlike birthdays and anniversaries, this gift-buying frenzy is spread across the whole of society at the same time. That means a lot of consumer spending

Here are five tips on how your business can use social media to boost sales this holiday season.


1. Use Facebook Live, create events and run giveaways.

Hosting Facebook Live videos is a great way to give your followers the scoop on your deals for the holidays, what new products you have or what services you’re offering. One big benefit of using Facebook Live is that you are guaranteed to get more reach than with any other type of Facebook post.  Facebook tells us you get as much as a 12 times the number of people as a normal post will get you.  Check out our other blog on 10 Things You Need to Know Before Going Live on Facebook by clicking here.

Along with Facebook Live, you should also use Facebook’s events feature.  You can create Facebook Events for any in-store events you might be hosting during the season. Once you’ve hosted a live video or created an event, be sure to continue to post all your promotions on your social accounts.

Another great way to engage and connect with your followers is with a giveaway contest. People can use a little help this time of year and the chance to win a big gift that someone on their wish list may appreciate is a very attractive prospect and grabs quite a lot of attention.

2. Use Twitter polls to identify customer pain points.

Social media platforms are constantly updating and adding helpful features. From Instagram questions to Twitter polls, there are a range of ways to easily engage and connect with your followers online.

You can use those features to identify pain points and then provide a solution. If you can identify a problem your customers are facing and solve it for them, you will create customers for life.

3. Use Instagram stories.

Introduced in 2016, Instagram Stories quickly became a popular social media tools and marketers need to take advantage of this feature this time of year. Today, Instagram Stories are the most engaged platform of all social media platforms.

Stories have nearly taken over the Instagram platform with their temporary availability and features that allow for product-feed integration and swipe-up to shop, simplifying the purchase experience for users. And don’t forget about Highlights. Your temporary content can be saved to Highlights on your profile for the duration of the holiday season and removed come January.

While focusing on Instagram stories doesn’t mean you should forget about posting a regular picture, it does allow you to supplement your content and post more frequently. Not convinced that you need Instagram stories for your business? Check out our blog post on why Instagram stories are crucial for small businesses, here.

4. Engage with followers and get creative.

While you use social media to market your business, your followers use it to have fun and engage with their favorite brands. Being creative on social media such as running a contest, creating a holiday playlist for your business on Spotify or offer holiday tips is a great way to boost your business.

Tips for the seasonal holidays or winter season in general make excellent social media posts. Whether you are discussing holiday safety or decorating tips, the holidays are a great time to give your business a personal appearance and voice.

When you’re creating your company’s social media strategy, it’s important to keep in mind why customers are on the platform. Try to avoid being too salesy. Be the type of business customers ‘know, like and trust’ and have fun with it. After all, if you’re not enjoying the process others likely won’t either.

5. Get Festive.

Many of us like to decorate our home or office to get in the holiday spirit. It’s a good idea to give your online presence a similar type of makeover by applying holiday themes to your website and social profiles.

Adding small touches to your website with holiday-themed graphics and colors helps signal to your customers that the season of giving is upon us. Bright, engaging colors and animated GIFs tend to work well.

Though the holiday season is in full swing, there is still time to boost your social media marketing efforts and earn customer loyalty by improving the way you interact with them on the various social media platforms. Leveraging the power of social media marketing is vital for increased sales, satisfied customers and a whole lot of holiday joy.

Even when it’s not the holidays, your company’s social media presence is extremely important to the success of your business. At Luce Media we have all the tools and more to make sure your social media success lasts year round. Check out our social media services and then schedule a time to talk about how we can boost your business. From everyone here at Luce Media, we wish you a safe and Happy Holidays!

This information was originally posted here and here.

Graphic showing Instagram logo and how to use in content marketing in McKinney, TX

8 Ways to Use Instagram for Business – INFOGRAPHIC

Using Instagram for business is an effective way to help connect to current and potential clients, reinforce your brand, and expand your reach as a business. With over 200 million monthly active users, and over 1.6 billion likes happening on the app every day, that’s a whole world of social engagement to explore. Brands that generate the active social engagement you want, who boast followers over 100K, see a growth in sales and business operations as a whole on an average of about 163% in a two-year span of time, according to a Simply Measured research study. With numbers like these, it’s only logical that you want to take a closer look at how Instagram can be used to help grow your business.

Here is an infographic that outlines 8 best practices for startups and small to medium-sized businesses when it comes to using Instagram for Business.

Content Marketing - 8 Ways to Use Instagram for Business

Show Your Products

Instagram allows you to spread high-quality photography or video of your products and services freely. You are your own filter, and it doesn’t cost you anything to post. Using hashtags and as many as 30 keywords per post, you can target specific markets, regions, trends, lines of business, groups of products, or even advocacy networks, with each post you generate. This means connecting more people to your product than ever, and faster than ever, because people naturally process visual images 60,000 times faster than words on a screen. Connection happens fast.

Show How It’s Made

In the same vein, Instagram allows you to provide a personalized insight into how a product is made. Give a face and a name to the woman who knitted the hat, the artist who curated the design, or the managers that facilitated the shipping of materials. This openness helps to humanize your brand, and creates a genuine connection between you, your process, and your product to potential clients.

Go Behind the Scenes

The Instagram Story feature is perfect for giving the most intimate expression of what your business is like behind the scenes. You can give glimpses of a company dinner, the excitement of an expo event, or even a sneak peak of a new product launch—without the need for such high-definition, permanent images that you’ll want on your business’ Instagram page. The Story feature is liberating, in that it allows you to tell the full behind the scenes story of your company, but without interrupting your branding or marketing strategies for specific Instagram posts.

Show What Your Products Can Do

Take your products for a test run, and document it for the whole of Instagram to see. This is especially helpful if you’re trying to promote a more obscure good or service, or help in a product launch. Quell customer skepticism with video footage or before-and-after shots. These can be great for convincing potential clients that what you have to offer is truly worth it. Today’s younger market is full of skepticism, but Instagram transparency helps bridge that gap and create trust.

Show Off the Office & Employees

You are more than just a fancy font and a logo. Your business is made up of individuals, each with their own excellent personalities, each contributing something a little different to the overall goals of your business. Real faces and real stories are what genuinely connect with customers, and social media is no exception to this rule. Keyword marketing gets you connected, but letting people see who your team members really are, understanding what they do, and hearing how much they love their office space can inspire a sense of genuine loyalty and trust in your brand. This means they’ll better trust the goods and services that you can provide.

Take Your Customers with You

Is your team taking a business trip? Perhaps part of your team is traveling to a different city to do some collaborating? No matter where your next big event or corporate retreat is, let your customers in on the scope of what you do by including that in your Instagram’s storytelling. This is another instance where utilizing the Instagram Story feature can really come in handy. Let a specific employee take over the Instagram feed, give some insight into their personal experience working under your brand, and present a more relatable and engaging narrative to your customers.

Quotes & Inspiration

Brand loyalty comes from more than just an understanding of a product or service. Clients and customers in our current age expect a level or moral acuity from the businesses that they regularly patron. If you want deep customer loyalty, one of the foundations of that can be expressive encouragement, positivity, and advice related to your business or service on Instagram. Clients are far more willing to follow and engage with your business Instagram if you have some variety in your posts. Sharing your latest fall fashion items on sale is certainly a must, but customers prefer to have the line blur between a sales pitch and a personality pitch, because they want to like you for who you are just as much as what you can do for them.


Instagram is the best social media platform for hosting raffles, giveaways and competitions with the online community. It works far better than Twitter or Facebook simply because the platform is both image-driven and keyword-driven, and engagement rates are 15% higher on Instagram than Facebook, and 20% higher compared to Twitter, according to a 2015 study by Simply Measured. Images hook potential customers far better than words. In addition, the keyword-based nature of the Instagram platform, combined with a liberated character usage, makes it an easier platform to use when trying to use keyword marketing to target specific subgenres of potential clients to enter your giveaway. These competitions are an incredibly effective tool in spreading your brand by word-of-mouth. It’s as simple as requiring one of the rules of entry to be tagging three friends in the comments section of a post. If only fifty people enter your giveaway, then that’s at least 150 new people who have viewed your Instagram page and become aware of your brand. These numbers can easily multiply into brand loyalty, purchases, and better long-term growth.

Around 70% of brands are using Instagram already to promote their products and services to a highly active online community. In order to ensure the healthiest growth and future for your company, you’ll want to make sure that you’re one of them. It might be time to reach out for expert help in how to maximize social media engagement in growing your business fast, and lastingly.

Lucé Media is a digital and social media marketing company in McKinney, TX and Frisco, TX and Plano, TX and Allen, TX that works with small to medium-sized businesses. Whatever social media platform you need, we are strategists with deep experience that can help you.  Please contact us here and we will get right back to you.