Offering State-of-the-Art Social Media Metrics and Analytics in McKinney, TX

You can’t manage what you can’t measure.  There’s only one reliable way to know if your social media marketing is working. You need measurement and meaningful data. Lucé Media uses Google Analytics, social media insights and other advanced social media metrics, including our own patented algorithms, to evaluate your social media efforts and pinpoint areas for growth and improvement.

Social Media Metrics Analytics

Mark Toney and other Lucé Media team members created ShareRocket. ShareRocket is a social media ratings and audience solution providing companies an easy way to quantify their social media equity, benchmark against peers and turn social market intelligence into insights that drive social success. All of this is done in real time.

Our Approach to Social Media Metrics and Analytics

We use the latest tools to measure your current performance on all channels, and to distinguish levels of your social media engagement. Our ultimate goal is to help you transform superficial levels of engagement such as “likes” or “favorites” to retweets, shares, conversation, and movement into your sales funnel.

We can develop a custom engagement rate for you that allows us to assess engagement level of your social media followers, so you know how likely they are to purchase your product or service. When we measure your social media marketing, it’s important to consider your efforts in the overall context of sales and conversions.

Best Practice

Our Lucé Media team includes a variety of certified analytics experts who use the latest tools and metrics to get an accurate picture of how you’re performing and where you can improve. Our analysis of you and your competitors will guide you to growing your audience, building relationship, and interacting in ways that benefit your business, now and in the future.

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