Social Media Strategy and Planning in McKinney, TX

If you’re like most small or mid-sized businesses, you’ve been hearing for years that you need a social media presence. So, you faithfully post, tweet, and build a following, only to realize you aren’t seeing the results you’d like from your social media strategy.

The ugly truth about social media marketing is that simply building a following without a sound strategy is unlikely to result in sales and grow your business. Lucé Media has the expertise to help you devise a social media strategy and plan that not only builds a following but moves your followers to deeper engagement and, of course, sales.

Diagram of Luce Media social media strategy services

Social Media Strategy and Planning That Works

 An effective strategy requires much more than simply writing posts, or even scheduling your content. It requires all the following, and more:

  • Defining your goals
  • Understanding which platforms are best for your brand
  • Making sure your content communicates your brand’s value
  • Understanding the purposes of different kinds of content—videos, images, live streaming, and more
  • Using automation tools for a steady flow of content
  • Knowing which metrics to use to measure your effectiveness

Our Approach

 Our social media strategy and planning is always focused on the ultimate goal of gaining deeper levels of engagement on your channels. We want your followers to go beyond “liking” your posts. We want them to create relationships with your brand, services and products. We want them to share your content, and even become “brand ambassadors” for you. We want to move them beyond the social media platform, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or another channel, and through your sales funnel.

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