Video Content Marketing in McKinney, TX

In today’s rapidly expanding digital and social media world – video is perhaps the most important type of content you can create.  With video continuing to dominate online content, your business can’t afford to ignore the potential of video content marketing. It’s engaging, compelling, and versatile. Use a video on a YouTube channel, on your website, on a social media platform, and more. Luce Media can harness the power and popularity of video to boost your search engine rankings and drive sales and conversions.

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Our Video Content Marketing Strategy

First, we’ll help you define your goals and understand how video fits into your overall marketing strategy. Once we’ve defined goals and benchmarks for success, we can create and refine the specific content that will resonate with your audience and motivate them to choose you over your competitors. We’ll help you determine not only what type of video will work best, but also where it can be viewed, how often you should release new content, and much more.

Best Practices: What Sets Us Apart

Even a child can set up a YouTube channel and upload videos. But using that content effectively, to drive traffic to your site and sell your products or services is another matter. If your videos don’t result in revenue, you might be wasting your time.

Our team combines many years of marketing, business consulting, entrepreneurial, and analytics experience. Our video team was named the American Marketing Association’s 2016 Video Content Marketer of the Year.

We’ll create, produce, and market beautiful, engaging videos that connect with your audience and bring a return on your investment.

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