Measure Your Online Visibility

What does online visibility mean for your business? Everything! If customers can’t find you, you might as well be invisible. Your business may have a great website, but if no one can find it, then it is virtually useless. Local Digital Presence Management quickly makes your business visible online.

The Lucé Media team uses the latest, real-time local digital presence management solutions to get franchises, multi-location brands and local businesses found online.  Our local digital presence management services come with a money back guarantee and include listing management, online visibility enhancement, voice search readiness, GPS mapping and submissions to large data aggregators.

Local Presence on Mobile Devices

AMPLIFY Your Local Business Online

The ability for search engines to find your business is a huge part of your What's Your Local Digital Presence Score?online visibility. Fortunately, it isn’t permanent and unchanging. You can do a great deal to make your business more visible to your target customers. That is where Local Digital Presence Management comes into play.

Within minutes, we can audit your search engine ranking and online visibility to generate a complete report on your businesses online visibility.  Our state-of-the-art tools will analyze your visibility, not only in search engines, but also in press mentions and social media. Whether you’re a small or large business, a startup or an established brand, we can help customers find you more easily.

Lucé Media Delivers Online Accuracy for Offline Results!

To find out what your businesses online visibility looks like, fill in the information in the right hand column to get a free analysis.  It only takes a couple minutes to get your answer.

Brands Need Local Presence Management

Our Results-Oriented Approach

Lucé Media goal is to get business results that have a meaningful impact. We focus on building your online presence and visibility while you run your business. Our mission is to make sure your business is found everywhere online. Here are just some of the areas we can do for your business:

  • The Top 3 Search Engines: we submit all your important company information to Google, YELP! and Bing to jump start your online presence.
  • 48% of all searches conducted today are done by Voice. We get your company information listed with all the VOICE search engines like Siri, Alexa, Google Home, Cortana and more.
  • Accurate information and data is sent to all mapping companies and GPS aggregators so your customers can get accurate directions to your location.  We syndicate your business information to multiple GPS Mapping Accelerators like Waze, Garmin, TomTom, Sony Navigation and all of the big automakers platforms.
  • We will submit your business to data to the Top 50 most frequently searched directories online.
  • Send your business information to a large group of data amplifiers who will distribute your data to hundreds of partners, search platforms, navigation systems and mobile apps.

What You Get

Lucé Media’s Local Digital Presence Management package provides your business with the following:

  • A baseline assessment to show you how your business is doing prior to implementing our services
  • Monthly, real-time progress reports and updates on your growth
  • The ability to manage accurate listings for one location to 10 locations to 100 locations.
  • Ongoing monthly management, maintenance and monitoring of your business’s online presence.
  • A money back guarantee if your online listing has not achieved a minimum 90% Online Visibility within 6 months

Contact Us

For information on how visibile your business is online and how we can improve that, contact Lucé Media now by calling (469) 907-1057.  Or send us your information below and we can start the process of getting your business found online!

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