5 Ways Small Businesses Can Improve Their Social Media Presence

Social Media for Small Business Owners

If you are like most small business owners, undoubtedly, you have a busy schedule. There always seems to be a never-ending list of things to do that will help your company succeed. One of the many items on the list is probably to spend time and attention on your small business’s social media presence. In today’s fast-paced world, social media is of utmost importance to the success of small businesses. Today’s Social Channels are Sales Channels.

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There are several things that you can do to improve your presence in the social media outlets that you have chosen for your small business. Below are a few ideas you should review to ensure your business is maximizing what it already has in the social space. 

  1.    Choose your Social Media Outlets Carefully, Depending on your Audience.

When you are running your own small business, you don’t have a lot of spare time; however, it is essential to take some time to attend to your company’s marketing efforts, which often means your social media platforms. The trick is to choose which platforms you use very carefully. Research suggests that the majority of people who enjoy social media use Facebook. Others enjoy Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and the like. It can be overwhelming to post on every social media site, and statistically, it probably does not make sense for you to do so. Therefore, choose 2-3 networks that you believe will reach your loyal customers effectively, and devote time and attention to your social media presence on those platforms.

  1. Decide Your Small Businesses’ Plan and Goals Prior to Posting.

Put some serious thought into what you would like to highlight in your social media posts. It may be wise to write up a long-term plan for a monthly, quarterly, or yearly calendar. People receive plenty of “junk mail” through emails or on social media sites, so it is a good idea to avoid posting “fluff” items that don’t really have a lot of meaning or purpose. Choose topics that your customers will find helpful in their daily lives. Also, choose topics that you are very familiar with and ones that you find passion within. Stay true and honest to your small business in your social media posts, and aim for posting snippets of value for your customers. This is incredibly important! So, I will repeat it – bring VALUE to your audience and then start building a relationship with them. They will greatly appreciate it, and in turn, will continue to follow your posts regularly.

  1. Commit to Staying-on-Top of your Social Media Posts.

Social media provides a two-way street between a small business and its’ customers; therefore, you need to commit to staying current with your posts and reply to customers as needed. It is vital to respond to any unanswered questions and thanking your customers for positive comments. Conversing with people online should be done in the same way you do it in person. Be genuine. This shows that your company is interested in their customer’s opinions and setting an excellent example for other clients who may be watching.

  1. Keep your Posts Consistent and Clear.

You may decide to choose one staff member or a team of members responsible for operating your social media platforms. By appointing one person or small group of people for this task, your posts have a better chance of remaining clear and consistent regularly. Even though you may have multiple people that can contribute to social media ideas or posts, it is a good idea to have one person act as the “poster,” the editor, the monitor, and the responder should the need to respond arise. Choosing social media posts can be challenging and stimulating, so it’s a positive thing to have ideas from several different sources. Several people can provide input in all of these areas. Still, using one responsible person for the final social media product will be simpler to have the same “voice” throughout multiple posts.

  1. Post on Social Media on a Regular Basis

It is a wise idea to post on your social media platforms on a very regular basis. There are two standard methods: Creating a content calendar and following through with that designated schedule or utilizing one of the many resources available that will enable automation. There are software programs available that can be used to post snippets automatically once you create all of the settings. You might also decide to outsource the project of providing a social media presence for your small business.

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If you own a small business, then having a social media presence is vital to your company’s success in today’s society. People are so interconnected via social media platforms these days that you should be a part of this connection as a small business owner. Social media sites are not just for promoting your small business, but they also provide a place for you to give valuable information to your audience and share the knowledge and expertise you have acquired over the years. Use this outlet wisely, and the chances are that social media will not just benefit your small business but will prove beneficial to everyone who sees your posts.

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