7 Videos to Boost your Sales

7 Types of Social Media Videos to Boost Your Sales

Social media and videos are always connected in some way. They are both forms of media that have the ability to propel business success significantly. Videos enable businesses to attract more customers and increase revenue potential.

Social media videos broadcast information about the company’s products and services while also engaging with their target market or audience at the same time. By watching these videos, people gain insight into what is being offered by the company, encouraging them to experience it themselves.

The different types of social media videos play an essential part when it comes to boosting sales. It allows individuals to see how effective these videos can be when used correctly.

While not every social media video works for all businesses, there are a few that have been proven to generate leads and bring in more sales. These types of videos are, in short, more effective when used for promotional materials.

In this article, you’ll learn about the different types of social media videos that help increase revenue.

1. Tutorial videos

Tutorial or how-to content is one of the most highly engaging types of social media video content. These videos not only provide visual learning but also improve audience comprehension levels while creating a sense of trust among potential customers.

People enjoy seeing other people use the product or service that one is selling because it allows them to see themselves using it. Tutorial videos also give them ideas on how they can use the product themselves. For instance, many do-it-yourself (DIY) property brands post tutorial videos on home improvement and renovation projects to attract like-minded audiences. So, people interested in buying or renovating a property can get in touch with your business.

2. Product demo videos

This type of social media video involves showing your audience or target market how to use your products or services effectively. They are beneficial in highlighting how your goods would look after using them, which can generate a desire for people to own these items themselves.

Demo videos showcase how your product looks once people purchase it and are able to use it at home. The demonstration allows customers to use the product quicker and easier. These videos can also help your customer consider if specific features on your product can help solve their problem more quickly.  By showcasing the functionality of the products directly through product demo videos, companies can further convince customers that they are using the right items.

3. Company culture videos

Company culture videos are usually one of the most popular forms of brand advocacy while also being one of the least expensive methods. Through this form of content, businesses can build a positive image in the minds of their customers by showcasing their company’s strong values and fundamental beliefs. This can attract more people interested in working with and for your firm, knowing that it has a healthy work environment.

4. Product or service launch videos

New or improved products should be announced through product launch videos on social media. This enables other individuals to get an idea of what the business will offer for sale very soon. It can also help to build up excitement among target markets and gets them to mark their calendars for the release date.

Keep in mind that product or service launch videos are entirely different from demo videos. This type of video is mostly used to promote new items. Hence, marketers often use this form as part of their promotional campaigns.

5. Event videos

Businesses with a strong regional presence can benefit greatly by promoting events on social media via video content. Online viewers who live nearby the event location might become aware of what kinds of activities will take place there, encouraging them to purchase tickets for themselves or even invite other people to attend.

While you can incorporate video content to promote your events, make sure to shoot your live event to be included in your next projects. That way you can show future customers your achievements through these event videos.

6. Industry influencer endorsement videos

Social media influencers have been a major marketing tool these past few years. With their huge fanbases, companies can build a new audience and connect with their followers who have yet to know the brands. Making videos with influencers can improve your brand awareness and get your products or company more widely known by the public.

You can create social media videos featuring a respected figure or industry influencer discussing how your product has helped them in some way. This builds up awareness for your brand and reliability among potential buyers, who might want to test what you’re offering themselves.

7. Testimonial videos

Another effective way of promoting products through social media is through video testimonials given by satisfied users of the items being offered. When people discover that many others are also using the item, it will add credibility to the word-of-mouth marketing campaign you are executing, making this type of promotional video very powerful for your business.


Video content goes hand in hand with social media because it makes it easier for the audience to learn more about your brand in an engaging way. Using social media videos in your marketing efforts can help attract new audiences, generate more leads, and turn your existing customers into loyal patrons.

Although every company can make a video for their promotional campaigns, only certain types of videos tend to work wonders for the business. And these types of videos will help businesses execute their marketing campaigns flawlessly as more customers have been accustomed to consuming these marketing videos on a daily basis.

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