New Study: Social Media Engagement is Overlooked

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According to new commissioned research conducted by media industry leader Scott Moore on behalf of Share Rocket, marketers must understand, measure, and harness the metric of media engagement to drive ad effectiveness with today’s digital-savvy consumer.Social Media Engagement

The research, “Consumer Engagement: The Important and Often Overlooked Role of  Social Media Engagement” showcases insights and findings on the current online advertising ecosystem, the shifting behavior of consumers, and immediate steps marketers, advertisers, and publishers can take to tap into the potential of engagement and a more effective revenue stream. Key findings of the research include:

  • Engagement is Overlooked: While engaging content has dramatically improved, it is the audience targeting capabilities that still get most of the attention.
  • Quality of Inventory: There in no universal standard around measuring or valuing engagement in digital advertising. Social media from trusted publishers is extremely valuable and has intrinsic characteristics: reach amplification, audience receptivity, viewability and brand safety.
  • Social Media Fear Be Gone: The fear of social media still paralyzes companies when it comes to measurement and integration of digital advertising on Facebook.

“The role of this engagement is a frequently-overlooked component when creating, sustaining and measuring how the content is resonating,” said Chris Kraft, CEO of Share Rocket. “Media engagement is essential to delivering customer engagement and should be the industry standard when measuring the success of digital advertising campaigns.”

According to the research, companies most effective at engaging their customers were 2.2x more likely to grow market share versus the previous year. With 86% of CMOs expected to own their companies complete customer experience by 2020, it is critical that marketers understand historically engaging content in a way that allows them to replicate or create success. Engaged consumers are more likely to make a purchase, try new services and become brand advocates – all of which makes them a priority target for marketers in 2017 and beyond.

“Technological innovation and its subsequent impact on the marketing landscape have rendered the traditional rules of marketing obsolete,” said Scott Moore. “The marketers who will win in this new environment will be those who best capture consumer attention and create engagement. And the battleground in the future is more likely to be among new, digital channels than traditional channels.”

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