Social Media Marketing for New Businesses

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For most entrepreneurs and business leaders, social media marketing is an essential tool. However, having worked with many small businesses, we notice that many of them don’t take enough advantage of this fantastic marketing channel. You need to be forward-thinking and have a forward-looking approach towards it, so we have developed an easy social media strategy for startups, which everyone can implement.

Why should my business have a social media strategy?

The first and most obvious reason to do social media marketing is to prevent your startup from failing. In the 3rd quarter of 2017, you might have heard that Facebook has reached 2+ billion monthly active users while Instagram reached 700 million, Snapchat 350 million, Twitter320 million, LinkedIn 500 million, and Pinterest 150 million average monthly active users. Most marketers will tell you that a social media strategy is crucial for your business. The issue is that many entrepreneurs do not have a technical background and don’t see marketing or growth hacking as a serious tool. Social Media Marketing is the top channel to get your business discovered. Whether you are building a business from scratch or having a more advanced business, social media needs to be part of your marketing strategy. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Luce Media can help with all your Social Media Marketing needs in McKinney.

Which social media channels should your startup use?

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Each social media platform has its particularities, and your target might be using Facebook but not Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat. It is fundamental for you to know your target to choose which social media channel you should be using. To learn more about social media, you can check social media demographics.

In McKinney, social media marketing has a vast potential to drive traffic, get new leads, and increase sales. There are many ways to promote your content on social media. But, with a lack of understanding and without adequate tools and tactics, you’ll struggle to get results.

Using social media marketing in McKinney, TX, will improve your brand recognition, make your voice heard and connect you with your potential users. Word-of-mouth is known as being the most effective channel to get new customers. You have to picture social media as word-of-mouth on steroids.

Having a social media strategy for your business will connect with potential and current users in a more personal way. If you do it right, you will build brand loyalty and create more leads and sales.

Define your message and identity

To reach the right audience, you should have a relevant identity. If you are in the banking industry, have a professional profile picture and post about FinTech, BlockChain, or funding; if you are in the sports industry, talk about sports. Relevancy might seem evident to most, but many people misuse social media and don’t deliver the right message, image, or branding.

If you want a successful Instagram marketing strategy, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or else, you must define your identity.

Engage and interact with your potential or existing users

Social Media Marketing is all about creating a relationship with the user. It would help if you interacted by following potential users on social media, posting interesting and relevant content, sending discounts, reposting content from others, answering your followers, or commenting on their posts. You should also interact and join conversations on social media with people who may need your products or services. Staying active on social media will allow you to get direct answers and feedbacks about your startup, idea, or concept. Luce Media provides Digital Media Consulting in McKinney, TX.

Create unique content for your startup

Creating unique content takes time, but it should be part of your social media strategy. It could be blog posts, visuals, or infographics. By creating your own content, you will deliver a message and build your startup branding. The goal is to interact with your audience and see their reactions to your content. You can apply growth hacking to your social media strategy to A/B test what you post, and according to the data or feedback you get, you can optimize your content. The content itself should be relevant to your business industry, but it could also be informative, funny, shocking, depending on what your goal is. There are many content marketing tactics you can get inspiration from to create the perfect content. Remember that you should find the right spot between what you want to tell and what your readers are looking for.

Should your business pay for social media ads?

Testing, tracking, and measuring are key for your business’s social media strategy. It really depends on what stage your business is at. However, we love A/B Testing, and I believe you should A/B test social media ads for your business, even if it is as little as $ 1 / day. This will help you understand how social media ads work and train you to understand data, and even give you some insights about your users that you wouldn’t have known without testing.

What you learned about implementing a social media strategy for your startup

Graphic showing Digital Marketing Services in McKinney TX provided by Luce MediaHaving a social media strategy is essential. If you want to outperform your competitors, you need to create better content than they do, engage with your community, etc. You learned that social media is a must for your business to get your first users’ feedback and get traction. There are top social media marketing tips out there, don’t hesitate to apply what you learn. On social media, you need to curate great content, create and share compelling content, and be personal and talking directly to potential users or customers.
Social media is a great marketing channel and needs to be A/B tested to take its best. You have to know that social media is only one marketing channel your business can use, and you can define a marketing strategy around it. Social media should be part of a bigger picture and is an essential element of inbound marketing. At Luce Media, we are experts in the area of Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. We are social media hackers if you want. We will A/B test different social media, grow your community with our growth hacking methods, improve your business’s brand image, interact with your users, analyze the data, get users’ feedback; all this in order to accompany your product development growth and success.
If your business needs help with social media marketing in McKinney, TX., please call us at (469) 907-1057. Luce Media has deep expertise in Digital Marketing, B2B Marketing, Internet Marketing and is a well-established Digital Media Consultant in McKinney, TX.