Why You Should Invest In Paid Social Media Advertising In McKinney, TX

Invest in paid social media advertising

Businesses know the importance of advertising their products and services. It’s the only way to tell the world about what you’re offering. But before you carve out your advertising and marketing budgets for next year, keep reading. We’ll highlight why investing in paid social media advertising in McKinney, TX, could be the most effective strategy for your business. And let’s face it – there isn’t a company out there not looking for an edge to get more customers.

Your McKinney, TX Customers Are Online

Your advertising budget is your opportunity to use a megaphone and announce what you offer. But if you’re shouting your promotions to an empty stadium or the wrong audience, you won’t be landing new customers anytime soon. So you have first to find where your ideal customers are spending most of their time. You can then prioritize your efforts to reaching those channels specifically. Here are some consumer engagement stats that might surprise you.

  • 71% of consumers are more likely to buy based on a social media-based referral
  • 31% of online shoppers say they searched for a product on social media first
  • 80% of consumers say they engage brands via social media
  • 47% of millennial purchases are inspired by social media
  • Online businesses with strong social media presences average 32% more sales

paid social media advertising in McKinney, TX Targets Consumers Better

Those statistics make sense, but not all of those users are ideal customers for your business, right? Social media advertising channels offer incredible targeting flexibility. One of the many perks of paid social media advertising in McKinney, TX, is your ability to target your specific customers and audiences, right where they spend most of their time. You can leverage demographics about your buyers, including interests, ages, and locations, to cater to your paid ad messages.

Businesses can promote more general advertising to a broader audience of social media browsers and still target more niche market buyers with a specific message. Whether you explore Pay-Per-Click ads, sponsored ads, or display ads, you can precisely deliver your message to those who are more likely to buy from you. Even better are the customization tools that allow you to create messages for mobile device use. 

Social Media Ads Offer More Value

Social Media Video MarketingThe days of throwing thousands of dollars in ad budgets at TV, radio, or print campaigns, with the hopes of landing a new customer or two, are over. With paid social media advertising, you can customize your spending based on your message and target audience.

You can then track and manage your process with the robust availability of data. Being able to spend only what you need, when and where you need it, to see results presents incredible value. And it’s ideal for any business focused on a significant return on investment. Of course, it’s really great for those companies with smaller ad budgets, too.

Increase Your Reach & Frequency

If your ad and marketing budget is small, you can start by investing in a smaller paid social media campaign. As you begin experiencing results, you can gradually increase your visibility from there. The social media ecosystem is huge, and there may not be a need for you to reach everyone.

But you can start by targeting the 50 to 100 consumers ready to buy from you right now and expand your audience reach and frequency as your budget allows. The more ad spends you invest in, the more exponential your organic growth and visibility becomes, too. Imagine paid social media ads as your way to shake the low-hanging fruit of the tree. 

Building Loyalty Around Your Brand

Some consumers need your product or services now. But there are also thousands of social media browsers out there who may not require you for another month or two. Paid social media advertising allows your brand to build a following among users. So, you can turn today’s buyers into tomorrow’s customer referrals.

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