5 Sales Funnel Tips for Digital Marketing

Do you see excellent results with your marketing sales funnel? Do you feel confident that your digital marketing plan includes a robust strategy for funneling new customers? If you’re not sure, keep reading. Improving your sales funnel initiatives can lead to serious results. Just enhancing one or two steps of your funnels alone could double the percentage of leads coming through your various digital channels. Doubling the leads means doubling the conversion potential. Today, we’ll offer a few key tips to improve your sales funnel so your digital marketing in McKinney, TX, drives the most results possible.


#1: Understanding the Sales Funnel

Think of the sales funnel as a step-by-step process taken by individuals before becoming your customer. It’s a way of visualizing the stages that prospects go through before they convert. It’s simple enough to remember the four stages of a sales funnel, representing your prospective customer’s mindset. The four steps are awareness, interest, decision, and action.

  1. Awareness: Grab the consumer’s attention. They’ll become aware of your business and what you have to offer. 
  2. Interest: They’re interested in thinking about what options you might have available, perhaps doing some research on your company.
  3. Decision: The customer is ready to buy from you but still considering two or three options available.
  4. Action: A purchase is made, and now the customer is a part of your business’s ecosystem. 

Let’s dive into a real example. Imagine the funnel if your McKinney, TX business was only brick-and-mortar. For example, you are an eCommerce business that sells vintage furniture. You know that your target audience scrolls on Facebook often and that your target customers are females between 26 and 45 years of age. 

So you run an amazing Facebook Ad that drives traffic to your landing page. You ask potential clients to sign up for your newsletter in exchange for a lead magnet on the page. Simple enough, right? Now you have leads instead of potential customers or prospects. They’re making their way through the funnel. 

Over the next couple of weeks, you create and send out content that helps educate your subscribers about vintage furniture, share design tips and inspiration, and help consumers understand some best interior design practices. 

At the end of your email campaign, you offer a 25% off coupon for each customer’s first order. BOOM! You’re selling vintage furniture like crazy. Everyone wants what you have in stock! 

Next, you add those exact customers to your newsletter list. Then, you start the process again, but with different content. For example, you might give them new ideas for decorating the living room with vintage artwork, advise them about caring for the furniture, and suggest a vintage nick-nack for a housewarming gift. 

There you have it: 

  1. Awareness: You created a Facebook ad to help funnel people to your site. 
  2. Interest: You offer valuable content in exchange for lead capture. 
  3. Decision Making: Your content informs your audience and preps them for a purchase. 
  4. Action: You provide a-rockin’ coupon (they cannot resist), then begin marketing to them again to boost retention. 

#2: Why the Sales Funnel Matters When Digital Marketing in McKinney, TX

The sales funnel illustrates the precise path to customer conversion and can provide you with data and analytics supporting that path. Polishing your sales funnel will help you identify any holes where potential customers drop off before purchasing. And knowing which channels connect best with your audiences will help you stay on top of proper engagement efforts. In other words, if most of your online sales come from the video campaign you launched, you can use that data to build future campaigns. If you have a direct mail campaign that resulted in very few new leads, you can learn from those results, as well.

#3: The Big Four of Sales Funnels

There is an order to follow when developing a strong sales funnel. Digital marketing in McKinney, TX, the right way means understanding the big four: awareness, interest, decision, and action. These four stages are how your prospective clients think. Of course, each phase requires a different strategy on your end. After all, you wouldn’t greet restaurant customers with desserts first, right? No, you’d probably first offer drink selections and appetizers.

Awareness is your strategy for attracting digital visitors to your various channels. Generating interest means driving those visitors to click further into the funnel to learn more about your products and services. The third leg of the sales funnels race requires effort to inspire a purchasing decision. Actual conversions happen in the action stage of the sales funnel.

#4: Using Blogs to Drive Mail Lists

Let’s say a person finds your McKinney, TX business through a Google search and clicks through to land on your website. This new visitor to your site might check out some of your listings and venture over to your blogs. Even if this browser isn’t ready to buy today, it’s those blogs and relevant content that may keep them in your sales funnel as a prospect. You can even offer to convert this type of visitor to a mailing list for future communication efforts.

#5: Using Forms to Develop Leads

New site visitors may not be ready to buy, but it doesn’t mean they won’t buy eventually. Many businesses make smart use of forms to move prospective customers through the sales funnel. Offer visitors a chance to receive new updates about your products or coupons and seasonal discounts. By opting in, those forms translate to leads you can engage for future conversions.

When you’re ready to make serious improvements to your sales funnel, consider partnering with a digital marketing agency in McKinney, TX, who can help. Contact Luce Media today to take the next step in making the necessary adjustments to your funnel and begin seeing results immediately!