Increase Email Conversions With Digital Media Marketing In Allen TX

Increase Email Conversions With Digital Media Marketing In Allen TX

Email marketing is far from dead and is still one of the best ways to reach your consumers. Getting people actually to open and engage with your emails isn’t always easy, which is where digital media marketing in Allen, TX comes into play.

Email marketing isn’t helpful if no one opens the messages. Increasing conversions makes your strategy far more cost-effective.

Plus, you’ll become a trusted brand for your consumers as you stay in contact with them using messages they’ll actually want to read.

Email Marketing Statistics

You’ve likely heard that email is outdated, and you should focus on social media and other channels instead. However, email still offers a 38 to 1 ROI. That’s a significant return on your investment. You just have to make sure the emails are effective. While 65% of small businesses have open rates between 11% to 50%, 77% of small businesses don’t do nearly as well with their click-through rate. While some range on the higher side at 10%, some still have a 0% CTR.

But, email has still been proven to be 40 times more effective than both Facebook and Twitter. While you shouldn’t stop using other channels, it’s essential to focus on your email conversion rates as people who subscribe to your emails actually want to read them.

Develop A Relationship

This gives you a chance to develop a relationship with your customers and potential customers. People subscribe to your emails, meaning they’re interested in hearing from you. They’re not interested in generic content that says buy our stuff. 

People desire personalization, and we understand that general email campaigns aren’t nearly as effective that adding this touch. In fact, email personalization boosts click-through rates and improves conversions, and has the results to prove it. 

Create emails like you were sending something to a close friend. Let them get to know you and your brand. Digital media marketing in Allen, TX, utilizes a personal approach through segmentation, using personal details and content subscribers are most interested in. It also shows subscribers that you care about them.

Deliver Value To Inboxes

While it’s called email marketing, many businesses make the tragic mistake of only delivering marketing content. Marketing emails are helpful, but that shouldn’t be your complete campaign. Otherwise, consumers tend to automatically ignore or delete messages when they’re not interested in shopping at the moment.

On the other hand, delivering more than an ad in email form goes a long way. Increase email conversions and build stronger relationships with your subscribers by sending them valuable content too. Send them your latest blog post with essential tips and tricks, or even share someone else’s content if it’s relevant to your subscribers. Using content from your site is a great way to drive more traffic to your website too.

This proves that you care about your consumers and want to make their lives better. Plus, if there’s always something interesting to read in your messages, more people will open them every time, leading to higher conversions.

Check In With News And Offers

News and Offers Digital Media Marketing in Allen TX

Of course, news and offers are always important. Remember how we said subscribers want to know more about your brand? Send them updates on what your business is doing, whether it’s a new product line you’re launching or community involvement, let them know. And, naturally, let them know about any special sales and deals, so they know the best times to shop.
Often, this is why people sign up – to get deals. Offering a mix of helpful content with your deals gives subscribers more.

Discover What Actually Works

The best way to increase email conversions is to discover what actually works. Working with a team specializing in digital media marketing in Allen, TX, is essential to learning what your subscribers want and like best. For instance, a simple wording change to your subject line can drastically increase open rates. Through A/B testing, you learn what does and doesn’t work for more effective email campaigns. You might be surprised at how much of a difference this type of testing makes.

Please find out the difference between a local company specializing in digital media marketing in Allen, TX, by contacting our team today.