Why Your Business Should Sharing Social Media Video Content

Bland content doesn’t engage new clients. Add video to your social media marketing plan to spark interest and convert leads. Learn why social media video content works and why you should hire Luce Media to craft engaging content for your business right now!

Whether you’re selling handmade jewelry or offering stock market investment tips, connecting with your customers is the business priority. And one of the most effective tools to engage your audiences is to use videos in your social media efforts

Video production can be intimidating for those not familiar with where to start. And if you find yourself in that category, hesitant to move forward, and still not using videos, we’ll give you five reasons your social media efforts need them. And to help, we’ll offer tips to help demystify the process to provide you with the confidence you need to get started with a social media video content plan that works. 

#1 Social Media Video Content Has to Be Engaging

People use social media to be social. Anything floating around in the Facebook feeds or Twitter-sphere needs to be engaging to grab someone’s attention. Over time, businesses realize the best way to get those customers to stop scrolling is with an engaging title and a great video content in Plano, TX.. In fact, text-only campaigns will get lost in the noise.video content marketing agency

Attention-grabbing videos can inspire scrollers to pause and view your uniquely catered message. And social media is where most people spend their time these days, either at home on devices or on the go with their mobile phones.

#2 Your Brand Needs Videos

Branding experts will tell you that the most successful brands have a personality all their own. There’s no better way to arm your brand with a personality than with a series of social media videos. Static information in text form can try to embody the characteristics of the people who make up your company. But video allows for a voice to have personality and inflection. It’s these brand traits with which people can identify most. It’s how you can build brand loyalty and trust, too.

Every video you publish should have the brand’s tone and style incorporated. Your brand might be fun, adventurous, business-savvy, or one of expertise. Your social media video content plan should be reflect how you’d like your target audience to see your business. So, whatever your brand personality is, use videos to help keep it consistent and authentic. 

#3 Social Media Video Content Drives Traffic to Your Website

Videos are fantastic bridges in the customer connection process. Here’s an example. You don’t need a pool in your backyard, but a sponsored video pops up on your feed anyway. So, you watch the video about how fun pools can be. Voila. The video successfully sparked interest in a new potential customer. You were not thinking about pools five minutes ago. But after encountering this video and clicking through to the website, you’re going to be more inclined to start conversations about pools. 

You won’t get this type of conversion with general text messages on social media. And your video doesn’t have to be a 20-minute-long dissertation about the product. Instead, use the video to offer a nugget of relevant information that then inspires the viewer to learn more about your website. As an added benefit, you can track the data of each video to see just how many click-throughs you get with each.

#4 Videos Demonstrate That Ever-Important Contagious Enthusiasm

video content marketing agencyIf you’re posting on social media about an upcoming sale or event, you’ll likely look for ways to convey excitement. Instead of adding three or four exclamation points, make a video! So, you can demonstrate more enthusiasm with video than text. And we all know how important contagious enthusiasm is in social media marketing.

#5 Videos Are Just Customer Conversations

What your marketing strategy really is designed for is generating opportunities to have conversations with potential customers. Videos allow you to have those conversations directly. When you have a customer in front of you interested in buying, you likely know precisely what to say and just how to convert them. Use that same strategy when creating videos.

Be confident in your products and services and talk to the camera like you would a live person. Those conversations are authentic and will engage far better than any static social media post.

If you’re still not using videos or video messaging as part of your social media strategy, you are missing out on valuable customer connections. And if you’re still not sure about where to begin, let Luce Media help! We can help you improve your social media marketing with videos, and you’ll immediately see the results with conversions.

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